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Our Film Industry Heritage :

We are the market leaders in theatrical auditing, and have provided primary research services and consulting to all major and independent Hollywood studios.

We marshal our vast flexible field force to establish the uncover market dynamics and market-changing opportunities that impact our clients and drive their ROI.

Our deep and detailed experience in the film industry is readily applicable to retail-oriented businesses across most consumer based industries.

Our Film Checking Services Include

  • Box office grosses/attendance audits
  • Movie preview/trailer checks
  • Perfect Presentation checks
  • Special events/screenings management
  • In-theatre customer surveys
  • Promotional material checks
  • Full Lobby checks
  • Selected Materials checks
  • Audience Reaction checks
  • Auditorium Seating Capacity checks
  • Sneak Preview checks
VeriTES can also deliver print checking services, working in conjunction with industry leader Dolby.

Dolby: Print Checking Services

"Dolby provides worldwide laboratory quality-assurance services for distribution and postproduction clients during the release-print manufacturing process of a selected feature film. Our lab technicians systematically sample reels of film, thoroughly scrutinizing both image and sound quality. Select prints are assembled from the highest-graded reels reviewed.

Dolby’s efforts to eliminate defects and monitor the overall quality of our clients’ products are equally applicable to small releases as well as the year’s biggest blockbusters. We have personnel in Los Angeles and in Canada and we send our lab technicians to manufacturing hubs all over the world when requested. We tailor the service to the studio’s needs on each particular title. Dolby’s knowledge of the print manufacturing process and the Production Services department’s constant communication with the lab personnel make this a very successful service, used on more than 50 major film releases per year."


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