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About VeriTES

Originated in 1986 as TES (Theatrical Entertainment Services), for over 20 years, VeriTES has leveraged its vast established nationwide labor force of compliance and research specialists and its leading edge proprietary information gathering and reporting capabilities to perform marketing research, surveys, customer satisfaction analysis and operational performance evaluations.

Corresponding with the company's transition to PSB’s stewardship this year and the expansion into new Fortune 500 retail markets, we have taken this opportunity to rebrand ourselves as VeriTES derived from the Latin word for truth “veritas” and our legacy brand TES. VeriTES delivers actionable truth on your market, your customers and your product.

Our economical Field Force of trained observers and data collectors can cover more than 8000 cities in the United States and 440 cities in Canada.

About PSB

Penn Schoen Berland (PSB) is a global research-based consultancy that specializes in messaging and communications strategy for blue-chip political, corporate and entertainment clients. The firm has over 30 years of experience leveraging unique insights about public opinion to provide clients with a competitive advantage. PSB executes polling and message testing services for Fortune 100 corporations and have helped elect more than 30 presidents and prime ministers around the world. VeriTES has been a PSB company since 2010.

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