Welcome to VeriTES — a company founded in 1986 and a PSB company since 2010 — providing in-field consumption point auditing and compliance research to companies with significant retail operations.

  Our Mission Statement :

VeriTES delivers the truth of your market, your product, and your customers at the consumption point — where wallets meet cash registers.

Utilizing detailed field-gathered data, comprehensive reporting tools, and penetrating analysis, we provide actionable insight into the dynamics that drive your enterprise.


VeriTES provides a flexible, well-trained field force in the United States and Canada that can be deployed quickly to assess any client project.

Penn Schoen Berland is a leading research-based strategic communications firm, with international reach and a roster of Fortune 100 clients who count on our research to provide Winning Knowledge.   

Working together provides improved results for our clients. Our partnership ensures that all parts of a campaign, from initial research through monitoring, are executed at the highest-level and can be adjusted to meet constantly changing environments.

VeriTES welcomes new field representatives in all 50 states, Canada, and Guam.
If you are interested in becoming a field
representative please email info@verites.com
for more infomation.
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